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If you fear for your immediate safety please call 9-1-1 immediately.

2019-2020 Annual Report

A Message From Our Executive Director

Dear friends,

Surrey Women’s Centre continues to actively break down barriers in increasing safety and access for those who need our support. In our 2019/2020 Annual Report you will see snapshots of Surrey Women’s Centre’s program activities. This past year, our services were accessed by over thirteen thousand individuals including women, girls, and youth. Approximately six thousand vulnerable individuals were served on Surrey streets via the SMART Van. A majority of women and youth on the streets have experienced significant trauma and violence at some point in their lives. The stories are heart breaking, but the work must continue.

These are challenging, unprecedented, and uncertain times. COVID-19 has added additional barriers for those who live with violence in their homes. The declaration of the pandemic in early March led to safety measures which resulted in increased isolation which meant confinement with their violent partners. We saw that already vulnerable population at an increased risk of sexual assault and violence. Our Centre continues to provide essential services with risk assessments and thorough safety planning. These services have been provided in person, whenever possible, as well as remotely by telephone and video services.

Our dedicated staff are regularly exposed to trauma through shared stories and experiences w which is not easy work. I honor their courage and conviction for leaving behind all that is familiar and comfortable, to serve those who need our support.

I value each and every member of our wonderful Board of Directors. The Centre benefits immensely from their governance expertise, guidance, and generosity. Thank you Navneet, Roni-Jane, Carly, Simroop, Jaspreet, Pavan, and Rupi for being all that you are and for all that you do for the Centre.

Your generosity as a community of loyal donors, funders, community partners, volunteers, and supporters is crucial in sustaining our life-changing services for many marginalized groups, vulnerable women, and their families. By supporting our programs and services, your generosity gives women and children the confidence to leave a life of violence. Your support can change a life and even a generation!

Thank you for all that you do to support our work.

Shahnaz Rahman, Executive Director